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Glass Guitars provides advanced guitar repair techniques in Elizabeth City, NC. I, Dan Glass, am a Graduate from Atlanta Guitar Works school of lutherie in Atlanta, Georgia and I hope to apply all that I learned (and will continue to learn) to this area for the purpose of the restoration and repair of guitars.  We offer many services for all types of guitars, including fret dressing, refrets, setups, restrings, and general maintenance, to keep your instrument performing at its best. We also build custom guitars. Here at Glass Guitars your instrument’s well being is our priority, as we with all confidence stand by our work and will not undertake any action that could cause damage to your instrument. We never perform work on your instrument that you have not asked for or have given explicit permission for us to do. So, if you are a professional player, a weekend rocker, or would just like to have your Pop’s old guitar brought back to its former glory, allow us to enhance your musical desires. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about what we do here at Glass Guitars. We look forward to providing the service that you need for your guitars!


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PH: 252-267-7623

Email: danjen3@gmail.com